FREE SPEECH ZONE | Occupy Minnesota- Occupy Obama HQ


February 3rd there was a  protest and Occupation of the Obama HQ in Minneapolis. Needless to say, the corporate media in Minnesota were not at all interested in this story. Fortunately for us, a number of credible media were present. The first video was created by Rouge Media alongside the Citizens Media group.

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What makes this story so compelling is the complete lack of coverage, from the corporate media and the much of the “progressive” media as well.

The main speaker was Coleen Rowley, the former FBI agent and whistle blower. She was the Democratic Party candidate who ran against Republican Congressman John Kline. In 2002 she obtained the Times Person Of The Year Award.

Since that time she has come to understand the bi-partisan nature of the assault on our rights. During this speech she goes out of her way to point out Minnesota US Senator Amy Klobuchar, who has voted for the NDAA. She also mentions that Minnesota Senator Al Franken was one of the seven US Senators who voted against this Bill.


More footage from the February 3rd protest of the NDAA held at the Occupy Obama HQ in Minneapolis. Some great footage. The second video, full credit goes to Kari Sprung, a local Trade Union activist and anti-war and women’s rights activist.


A view of life outside the Veal Pen in Minnesota.