FREE SPEECH ZONE | Occupy Minnesota At Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Hearing On XL Pipeline


On December 6th about 50 Occupy folks went to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission hearings. We had gotten wind that the Enbridge Corporation were seeking an OK for them to build new oil pipelines. Specifically to increase their capacity to carry Oil from the  XL Tar Sands extraction in Canada.

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Originally it was thought that these pipeleines were only for  Minnesota. Now it appears that they are part of the Tar Sands Oil Extraction process. To those who understand the implications are possibly game over in the global climate change. As in the tipping point will be certain  if these are OK and pushed through.

We  also found out that the new pipelines with increased capacity will skirt the edge of the Red Lake Indian Nation and go right through the White Earth and another Indian Nation (can’t remember which one right now..) It will also go through the famous and much cherished Boundry Waters.

At the PUC hearings we watched as Enbridge Corporation was given the automatic OK
to go ahead with the project. As in rubber stamped.

Please tell me that I am  wrong when I say that Liberal Governor Dayton is the person
who appoints these “Public” Utilities Commissions?

Your  government have failed  you all.

Since those corporate apologist media like the Star Trib and yes MPR will probably never inform the public about these events, I felt a need to create a report in the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

Where it belongs. In the Free Speech Zone.

If I sound like an alarmist- well it is because I am alarmed.



The above video is from Occupy Homes Minnesota. Also doing great work that the corporate media refuse to inform you about. Or worse, flat out lie about.

You government and media have failed you. Wake Up.