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Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it — words to hold dear today.

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A  year ago the country witnessed an Occupation. One that predated the Occupy Wall Street. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker ignited a firestorm when he attempted to end the rights of state workers’ Trade Unions.


The good people of Wisconsin rebelled. There were occupations, takeovers of government buildings. A spirit of open, proud and public defiance came shining through. Rallies of 100,000 were not uncommon. Revolt was in the air and being discussed openly.


Then things got really interesting. The Wisconsin South Central Labor Council, upon the urging of it’s membership issued a call. An open and public call.




Then it happened. They came. They showed up.


They were political operatives of the machine known as the Democratic Party. “Here, sign this petition, work for this candidate with our party” they crooned. Put all of your efforts into a re-call and for an election for “our” Supreme Court candidate. She will overturn the actions of that “bad old Republican Supreme Court Judge.”


The Occupations and takeovers ended. The call for a General Strike ended. People worked for their candidates. The Judge who would change all this lost her race. In questionable circumstances, it must be noted. The Democratic Party machine did not question it. Sounds like a familiar story, doesn’t it?


All the beautiful energy died in that moment. Energy for real, sustainable change.


I have been involved in the Occupy Minnesota since Day One. I beg the people there and Occupations everywhere to not allow this to happen again. After all, most of the selected officials involved in supressing Occupations all over have primarily been Democratic Party selected officials. I use the term selcted officials in a very deliberate manner. Because these people are, as a general rule selected by the corporate powers, their political parties, their media to win and work for them. The 1%.


As the saying goes “The Democratic Party is where progressive movements go to die.” Not to mention democracy itself. Do not allow them to do that Occupy.


Your message and noble goals are far too important. Do not allow your generations ideals be consumed and co-opted by them, their lies and their machine.


Let us start that conversation. With openness, transparency and honesty. For your sake and ours.


Michael Cavlan

Candidate US Senate

Minnnesota Open Progressives


During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act-

George Orwell