FREE SPEECH ZONE | Occupy Minnesota Confront Mayor RT Rybak On Police Brutality


Exerpt from Minneapolis Star Tribune by Randy Furst Tuesday April 10th

“A man who identified himself as Osha Karow tried to question Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak after Tuesday’s meeting at City Hall.

“Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak told protesters from the Occupy movement on Tuesday he’d pass along complaints of police brutality to Police Chief Tim Dolan for investigation, but the mayor declined to criticize police for how they handled demonstrators Saturday.

“About 75 protesters crowded into a room in City Hall, where they fired questions and blasted police for the mistreatment they said they received when they marched through downtown Minneapolis.”

The article above is the example of the very “best” coverage that corporate media did in this event. The Minneapolis Star Tribune was there, along with KSTP Channel 5 (whose cameraman was allegedly assaulted by Minneapolis police) WCCO TV, Fox 9/20 and MPR.

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They all either ignored the story completely or like KSTP only ran the story on their web page. I was there and know for a fact that the assembled journalists were filming it.

All of it was cut to shreds or as stated not ran at all.

Below is that the corporate media refused to run or show the people of Minnesota and Minneapolis.The only ones who believe or state that KSTP is doing a “good job” are those who are apologists of or indeed part of the rotten corrupted political system in Minnesota.

As an aside, in the fourth section you can hear me making a statement. I start by saying that “I am not insinuating that Mayor RT Rybak or Police Chief Dolan are liars but everything you have said here are false.” I then brought up the facts surrounding Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak and his direct and personal complicity in the gutting of the Civilian Review Board. Right after me was Bobby Hull. This wonderful Marine Corp veteran challenged Mayor Rt Rybak on how his police were out of control and targeting his children.

Shortly after this Bobby Hull disappeared from the room. He was in the hallway having very severe chest pains and he called his nephew to call for me as he knew I was a Nurse (I suppose that explains my journalist shabby technique) He was refusing to go to the local ER and was getting more agitated when people were trying to force him. I talked to him and used my Nursing skills. I knew enough as a Nurse to not get him more agitated. I had someone call 9-11 but Bobby walked out the door. So I approached him, kept him calm and then myself, his nephew drove him to the VA.

Bobby has no health care coverage except through the VA. I was very worried and kept a close eye on him till we arrived at the VA. he is doing just fine now.

So, back to story at hand. None and I mean NONE of the local corporate media covered the real sense of anger and injustice evident in the room.

But the Star Tribune did get a nice picture, close up of some nice white guy with rings in his nose and mouth.

So here you go folks. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED

As an aside, let us see if this story can remain visible.

Have I mentioned that local Minnesota Democrats will go to any length, sink as low as it takes to attempt to suppress or silence voices of dissent.

They will fail.

The videos take about 25 minutes to watch.

Tape One
Tape Two
Tape Three
Tape Four
Tape Five

As the slightly adjusted saying goes “who are you going to believe?
Your own eyes or the lieing Star Tribune.

I really feel bad for Randy Furst or any of the other few journalist left
at the Star Tribune.