FREE SPEECH ZONE | Occupy Minneapolis, Minnesota Law Enforcement and Illegal Drugs


Here is an update on the story from Occupy Minnesota and how local Minnesota law enforcement were giving young people illegal drugs and then releasing them into Peavey Plaza which is where Occupy Minneapolis has been camped, ever since the “progressive” Minneapolis City Council evicted us from the People’s Plaza, right outside Minneapolis City Hall.

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The focus of this story has been the corporate media and their “response” to this story. As far as I can tell WCCO (located right where the police were picking up sober kids and returning them stoned) have been the only corporate media to even cover this story. They framed it as a good thing, an aid to local law enforcement. All of the local Minnesota and some national corporate media were given the information.

The only media willing to cover it and ask any critical questions were Russian Times. The local corporate media love the charade of the Democrats and Republicans pseudo democracy. They love the war on drugs. They do not want you informed, quite the opposite.

The corporate media are, by definition opposed to the principles  of an informed public. That makes them the enemies of this democratic Republic.

The much deeper and more sinister implications of this story are alluded to by the Minnesota Rogue Media man, Dan Feidt. It is something we should all be aware of and educate others about.