Obama the Lawbreaker


Here’s a second resolution I will be introducing in my precinct caucus this Tuesday:

WHEREAS under color of law and on behalf of the United States, people have committed and conspired to commit torture;

WHEREAS no one has been prosecuted for these crimes;

WHEREAS the Obama Administration has expressed a willingness to investigate only those who have exceeded the since withdrawn illegal torture limits of the Office of Legal Counsel of the Justice Department;

WHEREAS the Obama Administration, through its Justice Department, has argued in courts for immunity and “State Secrets” protections to thwart judicial compensation to victims of torture;

WHEREAS the Obama Administration has continued the practice of extraordinary rendition for interrogation purposes to countries where there are substantial grounds for believing there is a danger of torture;

WHEREAS the Obama Administration is thereby violating Articles 3, 12, and 14 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which was ratified by the United States Senate in 1994;

BE IT RESOLVED: The DFL supports a Congressional investigation into possible violations of the Convention Against Torture that have occurred since January 20, 2009, by the United States of America, and, if necessary, referring such violations to the International Criminal Court at the Hague or other appropriate body.