Obama and McCain should meet this family


We asked local leaders to respond to the presidential debate. Read the whole story here. Trixie Golberg of Lifetrack Resources said she wished the candidates could meet families that her agency works with.

“A couple of the families that we’re currently working with are examples of people who are doing everything right. They’re working hard. They’re using the system. They’re striving for independence. One is a single working mother, 20 years old with one son who’s three. She’s been on TANF and the Minnesota Family Investment Program—the welfare-to-work program—and she has been successful in getting a few jobs along the way, but they’ve been low-paying jobs and they haven’t been able to offer her enough hours to be independent. That requires a significant commute, and she can’t afford the gas for her car. Now she has car repairs that she needs to do but can’t afford, so she has to take a shuttle that requires her to spend hours each day away from her son. She’s a very patient, caring mother, the kind of role model you want children to see, and the system is not really supporting her though she’s willing to work.”