Now’s a good time to check out Lilydale Park


Lilydale Park is West of downtown St. Paul and on the other side of the river. There used to be houses in the little town of Lilydale which is right on the flood plane. The houses are long gone but you can see parts of foundations and old driveways in the woods. Some of the flowers in the gardens survived too.

Bike path – Lilydale regional park

The park is heavily wooded but there are paved trails and gravel trails going through the woods. There are plans to improve the park, the road, and add parking. [see Lilydale Park shelter and roadway design on the City of St. Paul web site before they move the page]

I am not sure where there will be a shelter but I am sure someone will tell me after they read this.

The park could use some improvements but I worry. Right now it is wild with native birds and plants and there isn’t anything else like it right in the city. There are gravel paths higher up on the bluff that lead to the old brick factory and Pickerel lake.


The lake is a great place for bird watching and wildflower hunting. There is a citizens task force involved in the planning. . . .but if you have not been through the park this might be a good time to check it out.

Water Street in Lilydale Minnesota