Not enuff hours


It doesn’t make sense, when you’re a freelancer, to complain about having too much work.  No such thing.  Still, damn.  There need to be more hours in the day.

On top of having nailed down the new book deal, which calls for half the thing being turned in by the end of the month, have regular deadlines to meet.  And must be about the business of digging up work.  Not to mention returning to the scene at Winterland Studios.  And pitching Verona Mitchell after a guest spot on her radio show Cultural Conversations.  Leave anything out?  Oh, yeah, got back to back to back assignments at MN Spokesman-Recorder, profiling VJ Smith, Lissa L. Jones and Samuel Simmons.  VJ, right here in the Twin Cities, is national president of Mad Dads (Men Against Destruction-Defending Against Drugs and Social-Disorder).  Lissa without doubt is one of the baddest sistahs on radio.  At KMOJ for her show, Urban Agenda.  Sam is about the most radical revolutionary imaginable among psychological clinicians.  Oh.  Also, interview with Keith Ellison coming up.  And crucifying Reggie Jackson.

Further revise Ella Stanley, drama based on Negro Baseball Leagues owner Effa Manley?  Forget it.  Follow-up on what, if anything, is going on with Robinson, the stage short MN African-American Museum & Cultural Center commissioned? They bought the script, guess they’ll sooner or later get around to producing it.  There just isn’t time for anything not making money right now.  No argument from my landlord.

So.  What I need to do now is invent the 25-hour day.  Either that or make better use of the time I have.  Give you odds on which will happen first.

Well, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise the light at the end of the tunnel won’t be a train comin’.