Noche Hispana Artists | Curio Dance and See More Perspective


This video interview features Curio Dance and See More Perspective

SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE has been described as a “Chicago Institution”, “Walking creativity”, “The hardest working, most unjustly slept on artist in the Twin Cities”, and “Everything I love about hip hop”…This award winning hip hopper is a Twin Cities Native, Chicago transplant, MC, Poet, Producer, Engineer, Visual Artist, Actor, Educator, Thinker, Lover and one hell of a cook. He is a recipient of the 2012/13 VERVE Grant from Intermedia Arts which he’s used to create an exciting new album of spoken word poetry called ‘The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes’. He was also a semi-finalist in the “Forever Saint Paul Challenge for the Million Dollar Idea to Make Saint Paul Great”.

This is Boom-Bap from the stars at the pyramids. A dance party with indigenous kings, quantum physicists, and your little cousins. These are lyrics that school, uplift and capture the imagination. They reprimand wackness. This is the love story between heritage and irreverence, the make out session between education and rebellion. A fist fight between what is and whats possible. A heavy blow from sound logic upon hateful ignorance. Love over fear.

SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE has done years of youth work through hip hop and spoken word dealing with social justice, identity, and community engagement issues, has performed at countless venues and festivals and spoken at and facilitated workshops at various social justice conferences and retreats.

SEE MORE aims to inspire, uplift and open doors to possibility and imagination with an invitation to self discovery through meditations on community, history, and the expression of pure imagination.

SEE has shared stages with the likes of Brother Ali, Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets, Dead Prez, Sage Francis, Michal Franti, Atmosphere, De La Soul, The White Stripes and many more.

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Host:  Paulino Brener,  educator/performer/social media manager

Curio Dance believes that diversity is our strength. We are eclectic, reflecting the multi-cultural, multi-visual perspectives of our generation.  We combine the elements of folklore and urban movement to speak to a broad audience. The quality of the work is resonant and powerful, bringing artists together with a common philosophy. We use a multiplicity of themes and artists bound to strengthening community. The world-class variety shows of Drop the Mic! are our community gatherings where exposure to fresh and experienced artists in the Twin Cities is vital to keeping the spirit alive.  Giselle Mejia and Dario Mejia (Curio Dance) are original members of iLuminate and have been dancing on broadway in Artist of Light for the past couple of years.


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