Night Owl Classic


I signed up for the Night Owl Classic bike ride on August 17th. There is still time to sign up. I have not decided if I will go on the 10 mile hoot loop or the 22 mile night flight.

The Night Owl Classic isn’t a race but there are prizes for the best decorated bike and for the best costume.

It is a bit more challenging to bike in St. Paul than it is in Minneapolis because we have hills and river bluffs where as Minneapolis is a bit flatter. It will be a beautiful ride though with some river and some city and some bridges and hills.


The map is for the 22 mile night flight. The hoot loop is just a round about way to go from the Union Depot to the state capital. The rides start a 7:00 and at 7:30 which means St. Paul will be rolling up the sidewalks later than usual on August 17th.