New State Fair food include some no-brainers and some overkill


It barely seems like summer has begun here in Minnesota, and already we’re getting the first taste of summer’s end. This week, the Minnesota State Fair folks announced the lineup of new foods. Check out the list here, then tell me: what would you like to try, and what do you think sounds like a mistake?

My choices: I want to try Mini Donut Batter Crunch Ice Cream, Pork Belly Sliders (because, duh, pork belly!!!!), and Deep Fried Olives. Hey, fried pickles are one of my favorite Fair foods.

Things I’m leery of: Cocoa Cheese Bites, Flavored Corn Dogs (heresy, I know, but I’ve never been a corn dog person), and Wine Glazed Deep Fried Meat Loaf. The latter just seems like overkill. C’mon, meat loaf! Is fine all by itself.

Your turn!