New developments in “Ghetto Spirit,” Buffalo Wild Wings stories


Back in April, Hopkins High students and allies protested the suspension and criminal charges leveled against two African American students after an earlier protest against the ski team’s “Ghetto Spirit Day,” which many called racist. This week, the school and students and prosecutors reached an agreement to dismiss the charges and erase the suspension. According to the Hopkins High School statement republished on MPR:

In an effort to address the concerns being raised by students, parents, and some community members, Hopkins Public Schools began an independent investigation into the matter and also subsequently agreed to participate in a restorative justice process to ensure understanding on the part of all stakeholders. The process included Hopkins Superintendent John Schultz, the Hopkins High School principal, the associate principal, the two African American high school students involved in the February incident, as well as their attorney, Nekima Levy-Pounds. For all involved, the restorative justice process was a step in the right direction to promote healing and understanding. … All of the participants agreed to continue to work together on these issues.

Buffalo Wild Wings in St. Paul

Remember the brouhaha over Buffalo Wild Wings coming to Snelling Avenue in St. Paul? This week’s new development: the City Council voted June 12 to approve Buffalo Wild Wings’ application for a liquor license for their new restaurant at Ashland and Snelling. (H/T to Chris Curtis for the update.) An email from council member Melvin Carter enumerated conditions that BWW agreed to:

  • No patio with outdoor seating.
  • Amended license request to reflect a 1:00 a.m. closing time.
  • A steel decorative fence will be constructed along Ashland at Buffalo Wild Wings expense to help encourage patrons to park in the lot and not on Ashland
  • The driveway on Ashland, which Buffalo Wild Wings originally and mistakenly communicated would be removed, will be shifted west to align with the alley across Ashland at Buffalo Wild Wings expense.  This will encourage customers to turn left and head toward Snelling as opposed to cutting through the neighborhood.  While it would be preferable to have this driveway removed, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, which oversees Snelling Avenue, expressed concerns that doing so would cause increased congestion and accidents on Snelling.  This will take place no later than mid-August.
  • The existing curb cut along the alley behind the building will be narrowed and deliveries will be made via Snelling.
  • A sign originally planned for the building that would face north and stare directly at residents across Ashland has been removed.
  • A special system will be installed that monitors the outside of the building sound from TVs and music inside and adjust the volume if it gets too loud.
  • State of the art fans will be installed that will vent smells from the kitchen straight up.  Buffalo Wild Wings as indicated this should help prevent smells from blowing into the neighborhood.
  • Grease will be disposed of using a closed loop system the pumps it directly into a sealed storage tank.
  • Garbage dumpsters will be stored in a fenced off enclosure and emptied in a timely manner.
  • A sign asking customers to be respectful of neighbors will be installed near the entrance.
  • The entrance doors will be closed at all times during operation.
  • Management staff will use reasonable efforts to safely ensure that patrons leave the premises in an orderly manner and are not permitted to loiter in the areas immediately adjacent to the restaurant or in the parking lot after closing.
  • No illuminated signs will be allowed in the window on Ashland.
  • Licensee’s staff will pick up trash daily in the areas immediately adjacent to the restaurant and in the parking lot.
  • The driveway relocation planned for Ashland will be initiated no later than July 15 and completed by August 15.