Nelson and Peck: Eyesores of downtown


by Todd Melby, 5/20/08 • If you spent Sunday enjoying the sun and missed the Star Tribune, Rick Nelson and Claude Peck sent a shout-out to the ugliest buildings in downtown Minneapolis. (And Lord, we have a bunch of them.)

Says Peck, “Flashy architect Helmut Jahn did a bunch of cool designs in the Chicago loop, including the dazzling and popular State of Illinois Building. So why’d he leave us with the 701 Building, a forgettable midsize office tower with turquoise and salmon-colored accents and the personality of a toaster?”

Also on their list:

* HHH Metrodome
* Star Tribune addition
* Normandy Hotel
* Towle Building
* Hilton Hotel
* International Centre
* Target Center
* Hennepin County Medical Center
* Salvation Army Apartments
* 100 Washington Avenue
* Former Federal Courts Building, 4th Street

What did Nelson and Peck miss? Have any complaints about their list? Jot down a comment, please.