NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | New space for Mississippi Watershed Management in NE Minneapolis


The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) will open soon open their new headquarters at 2522 Marshall Street Northeast in the Marshall Terrace neighborhood.  (612 465 8780) The staff is already on site; the public will be welcomed in late January or early February.  A grand opening is planned for Spring 2012.

The mission of MWMO is 1) to foster stewardship on the Mississippi as it runs through Minneapolis., and 2) to foster stewardship of the land that drains to the river; that land includes all of Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis as well as portions of the cities of Lauderdale, St. Anthony and St. Paul.

The work of the MWMO ranges from educational programs for students, residents and businesses to regular monitoring for water quality and emergency response to immediate threats to water resources in the watershed.

Located on the banks of the Mississippi, the new headquarters will serve as a demonstration of MWMO’s principles of best management practices for supporting water resources and treating storm water.

Some of the features of the headquarters will include rain gardens, bio-swales and porous pavers.  A ramp will allow visitors access to the river itself.  A cistern will collect up to 4000 gallons of rain water for reuse during dry spells. The first floor of the headquarterswill feature interactive exhibits, classrooms and other educational resources for students and the general public. 

More information about the headquarters opening, options for public access and photos as soon as that information is available.  Meantime, check the MWMO website for the latest on the move, funds available for community-initiated water quality projects, and more.  MWMO is actively seeking volunteers to serve on the Citizen Advisory group.  For questions or current update contact Zhenya (Zee) Stone,