NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Lunch at Crescent Moon Bakery


A law school friend of mine suggested this place to me a couple years ago. Even though I’ve walked by many times on my excursion trips to Indian grocery stores (to stock up on spices I don’t need to buy in bulk) and Holy Land (to fulfill my ingredient needs from this cook book I was checking out “The Arab Table”). On another cold Saturday in, when it seemed like I’ve been stuck inside all week…I finally managed to get here with O.

Through some reviews, I decided to order the Football Pizza (the Meat Lover’s edition) and the one person combo. I always like trying eggplant dishes that are reminiscent of baba ganoush so I also ordered an appetizer of eggplant (although the Vegetarian Platter looked like a much better deal).

I was impressed how one can also pick up some groceries while waiting for your food. I saw golden raisins, many types of bread, dates, etc. Not many options, but maybe some fun little side items that are needed for random Afghan recipes.

I was impressed by the Football Pizza. Something about the chewiness of the crust, yet it wasn’t overwhelming. The meat was also seasoned and good. With the one person platter, I liked the beef meatball, but the chicken one was a bit bland and dry.

The plus was the Chai I ordered while I was waiting for my food. I liked how much cardamom I could smell. It was very flagrant and rich tasting.

It was quiet when I went and spacious. A good place to meet up with friends if you want to explore all the different ethnic restaurants there are in Minneapolis.

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