Neighborhood Notes: Gleason’s Gymnastics School


Now, I really wish my parents enrolled me in gymnastics when I was younger. Through Living Social, I scored two classes to Gleason’s Gymastics School. I took my first trampoline class a few weeks ago and it was nothing short of awesome.

Eagan School
2015 Silver Bell Rd. Suite 180
Eagan, MN 55122

I felt like I was in a different world, where everyone defied gravity. There were people doing backflips, others practicing on the uneven bars and the people in the advanced trampoline class seemed to bounce into the air, do flips and smile – all effortlessly. How many classes do I have to take and how many hours of endless practicing does it take to be like one of them?

The environment was very “collegial” as everyone was supportive of the endeavors their classmates took on. I felt encouraged as I learned my basic jumps on the trampoline. (I also never realized that those who are “advanced” players in this world have special trampoline shoes!) I was also informed, through my experience, that new trampoline fabric gives you hand rashes…so if you go…make sure you have a trampoline that’s broken in and smooth. Oh and ladies – no long finger nails or you’ll probably flip it off (painful) during the jumps because you land on your hands.

I was in the beginner class, so I didn’t think it was a great cardio workout…but it definitely could become more aerobically intensive if I was on the trampoline longer and was able to do more “tricks.”

I encourage you to try this out. It’s fun…and just sort of a random cool thing you can do on an otherwise wintry boring night in Minnesota.

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