NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Cup Foods is not Cub Foods


The first time I drove by Cup Foods, I laughed out loud. I kind of like knock off places that are pretending to be a large chain. Do they really think that people will confuse them with Cub Foods and immediately pull over? Or perhaps it really was a coincidence?

Scouring the grocery store courses in the Powderhorn area for anise seeds to make a Nigerian Pepper Stew Spice Mixture, I dove in. They didn’t have any, but the person who was helping me said they’d start stocking it. I’m not sure if this has happened – or ever will – but I thought it was nice that he offered.

This place is global shopping squared. It’s a mix of African, Mexican, American and Middle Eastern groceries. They sold everything from dried Mexican ancho peppers to tahini. A great scope of products (although not much depth) but still a good resource if you’re in the area. There’s even a little eatery in the back where you can get all types of fried food (oh and a cell phone counter if you happen to need one). Prices for edible non-perishable items seemed reasonable – it was not that far off from any major grocery store chain. Whenever prices are 30 cents or more – justify it by closing your eyes and chanting three times: “I am helping out a small business and being a conscious consumer.” Unless….(evil cackle)…Cub Foods is disguising itself as Cup Foods. Okay. That wasn’t funny.

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