NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Catching Up with Friends at Dogwood Coffee Company


 Coffee shops always remind me of the sitcom Friends. In this series, all good friends are supposed to randomly show up at the same java location. In real life, that’s not how it works. People are sprawled all over – from Roseville to Plymouth and your friends aren’t going to coincidentally go to the same Starbuck’s at which you find yourself comfortably situated.

One Sunday afternoon I decided to meet up with a Roseville friend at Dogwood Coffee Company. Mona (my Uptown friend) and I randomly discovered this coffee shop one day when we went to the Calhoun Square Coffee Festival. We liked it because they brewed each cup of dripped coffee individually. It’s such a process watching the baristas measure out the exact coffee beans needed, grind them, heat the water, filter the water through the coffee – and then your perfectly caffeinated drink poured into a white porcelain cup. Ah, bliss.

Then – lo and behold – I had a “sitcom” experience: Mona, who was in search of a 4 pm cup of coffee, bumped into us at Dogwood Coffee. “The last time I was here was with you!” she pointed out. That’s how life works out sometimes.

Dogwood Coffee just might become a good place for a gathering. Not too many tables, but an open space where sunlight pours in is always good for this season in Minnesota. Limited food items, but I did notice some pastries. Found street parking the day I went, but otherwise there’s always the Calhoun Square ramp. What I like? If your friends text to tell you they are late, you can browse at Kitchen Window.

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