A neighborhood business for 100 years


I remember when Cossetta’s was a small an Italian grocery store on Ryan and what is now Eagle street in St. Paul. It is a family owned business started in about 1911. They moved to West 7th street 25 years ago. Both of my children had jobs there at one time or another and jobs are a good thing.

The market is still there and I am a frequent shopper. I go there for the bread, cheese and meat and there is also the very popular Cossetta’s restaurant where a person can buy some pasta or maybe a pizza. They are in the middle of a major expansion but are still open and busy during construction. There is plenty of parking in a large lot behind the building.


The project is in partnership with the City and will create a one of a kind premier Midwest destination for Italian food. The project consists of a three level structure that will connect to the existing Cossetta’s restaurant using a portion of the existing parking lot.

A new parking lot will be constructed on property owned by Cossetta’s at 212 Smith Street. (I think the parking lot is done) The restaurant and food emporium expansion will include a bakery, meat market, take out meals and gelato.

  • Estimated total development costs: $7.3 million
  • Estimated total public investment: $2 million
  • Estimated construction jobs: 112
  • Estimated permanent jobs: 100
  • Financing: Jobs Bill TIF

It is wonderful to see new construction and to see so many people working. I will be taking more photos as the construction continues. Remember to shop local and support your neighborhood businesses.