The National Unmemorial Day Concert


My slightly edited message to the Concert’s producers:

I’ve watched nearly all of the PBS National Memorial Day Concerts, and singer Sarah Brightman’s virtuoso performance at last Sunday’s was perhaps the greatest.

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Unfortunately, it was grievously marred by the heart-wrenching photos of the dead Iraq veteran and his young wife, the live shots of a tearful her cuddling their infant child, followed by a clapping Colin Powell–one of the Machiavellian monsters who led us into a disastrous, unconstitutional war and destroyed that family’s dreams.

And that was the same Colin Powell who played a key role in covering up the My Lai massacre that destroyed dozens of families during the Vietnam War.

His pious tribute to those veterans and Iraq’s veterans was a hollow victory for hypocrisy and a horrific insult to their survivors.

How soon we forget.

Richard Lee Dechert, member, Veterans for Peace