COMMUNITY VOICES | Nancy Nelson to leave AM950 Radio



Nancy Nelson (in by professional broadcaster’s opinion – Minnesota’s best talk radio host/interviewer) leaves AM950 radio after she signs off at 6 p.m. on Friday August 16.  That’s only two shows left from the time I post this sad note.  For more than three years, Nancy Nelson has provided most of the local juice for the only progressive/liberal radio station in the Twin Cities.


Nancy has engaged nearly all of the progressive leaders, politicians and thinkers in the state; provided quality air time for Minnesota and national lefties, candidates, activists and opinion makers in a medium that has been harnessed by corporate media for right wing paranoia mongers and the under informed.  Nancy has been professional, impassioned and always prepared – always knowledgeable about the subject in hand.


I have been blessed to have Nancy Nelson pinch-hit host “Democratic Visions,” the cable TV and Internet program I produce through DFL Senate District 48.  She is a force of nature sparked not by her own ego, but by the people who share with her their perspectives, emotions, hopes, anger and humor.  Nancy Nelson has liberated political talk radio from both the bloviators and the limp, journalistic poseurs on local public and commercial broadcasting.



Every DFLer, independent, progressive Republican, environmental, gay rights, gun control, health care and good government advocat and listener — Contact AM950 now and tell it to figure out a way to keep Nancy Nelson on the air.


AM950 station phone 952-946-8885

Nancy Nelson Show call-In Line: 952-946-6205, 5 pm to 6 pm

Matt McNeill Show call-in-line: 952-946-6205. 6 am to 8 am


Nancy’s email –



I am not certain why Nancy is leaving, but heard her talk briefly about her departure on her Tuesday drive time show.  I did not hear any of the “whys.” I only heard Nancy conversationally announce in here normally sunny and effervescent precise manner, that she was leaving AM950 on Friday and was very sad about having to leave her AM950 radio listener family and studio crew.


A Message from Nancy Nelson’s Website –


“Thank you for stopping by.  I’m truly sad about not being on the air at AM950 any longer.  I have felt it a privilege every single day of the past three plus years, being able to talk to you and with you about the political matters that are so important in our daily lives.  I don’t know what is next, but I’d be happy to keep in touch with whatever that is, so if you want to leave me a message and your email address, that would be lovely.  Just click on the CONTACT US link.  Hope to be with you again sometime.

So browse…. and then, if you’re so inclined, leave us a message. We’re often swamped and can’t promise an answer immediately, but we always like to know what’s on your mind.”