My Huong Kitchen on Eat Street: Vietnamese street food and French crepes


If you are a fan of the Wong family’s Asian restaurants – Nina Wong’s Chindian Cafe, and Tammy Wong’s Rainbow Chinese Restaurant, you’ll probably enjoy the family’s newest culinary offering – Tracy Wong’s My Huong Kitchen. I’ve written about this tiny (14 seat) Eat Street eatery before – when it was called, um, Eat Street Eatery, but since then it has gotten a new name and a greatly expanded menu.

The new menu still features French crepes, banh mi sandwiches and bubble tea, but a lot of new dishes have been added, including com tam (broken rice plates); bun (noodle salads), pho (beef noodle soup), spring rolls, egg rolls and specialty dishes such as banh mi bo ko (beef stew with French baguette) and Hai-nam chicken.

It’s a pretty good introduction to Vietnamese street food, and it gets expanded on weekends, with takeout specials like ground pork and broken rice steamed in a banana leaf, steamed pork buns and dessert specials.

I have enjoyed everything I have sampled, including the crisp pork egg rolls (2/$3.50) and very fresh rice paper spring rolls wrapped with pork and shrimp (2/$3.50), the broken rice rice plate with lemon grass pork chop, shredded pork (skin) and crab meat cake ($6.95), grass jelly bubble tea ($3.95) and the grilled beef banh mi sandwich ($3.95). My only quibble is with the Hainanese chicken. The traditional version of this dish is served with the bone in and the skin (very pale) on, but My Huong’s version uses shredded boneless chicken. Tracy said that’s done to adapt to local tastes, and I completely understand – the traditional version really doesn’t look very appetizing. It was still very tasty and a bargain at $6.50, but something got lost in translation.

I can also recommend the very tasty banana and strawberry crepe ($4.95) that I enjoyed on an earlier visit. (As I noted in that earlier article, “It’s not a typical Vietnamese sandwich shop item, but Tracy has developed her crepe making expertise working at the Wongs’ Renaissance Festival stand for the past couple of years.”)

I brought home a couple of vegetarian items for Carol, and she gave them both high marks: a mixed tofu and mock duck banh mi, and a fried tofu springroll.

There are still a few signature items that I would like to try – including the pho (beef noodle soup,$6.95), the rice noodle salads ($6.50) beef stew with baguette ($6.95) – and maybe a durian smoothie ($4.95). I’ll be back.

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