My DIY sufganiyot crawl


Running a Jewish preschool is fun. It often inspires me to take on fun projects. For example, one of my staff was looking at resources for Hanukkah and said “Wait, what do donuts have to do with Hanukkah?”

Liz Lemon My DIY Sufganiyot Crawl

Seriously, why does everyone know about latkes, but no one knows about sufganiyot? They are just as fried and just as delicious. So to honor the miracle of the oil, I was inspired to set out on a quest to eat all of the sufganiyot in the Twin Cities.

As of writing, I have made it to Bogarts Doughnut Co. and Glam Doll Donuts. Yo Yo Donuts also is offering sufganiyot. There are also some grocery store bakeries as well.

The important thing I have learned is to make sure you check ahead. On Tuesday morning I purchased a few dozen for my staff (because everyone should have the opportunity to get in on my DIY donut crawl) from Bogarts. Luckily I was able to reserve the pastries the night before by simply emailing the owner. Which is good, since by eight am they were down to two. They are a must eat. The dough itself is fabulous and the filling is just as good. They are also kosher certified.

bogarts 300x300 My DIY Sufganiyot Crawl

When I went to Glam Doll I didn’t think ahead and just hoped they had some in the case. I was excited to try them because when I had called earlier in the week the guy who answered said “they look bomb. I can’t wait to get one in my mouth.” Unfortunately, I can’t speak to their bombness, as they had already run out when I stopped by. But luckily they had plenty of other delicious donuts. Hopefully that bacon speaks for their non-kosherness.

glam doll 300x300 My DIY Sufganiyot Crawl

While I technically have only reviewed one sufganiyah, the moral of this story is that we should just all be eating more donuts during Hanukkah. Donuts are delicious and since they are fried they meet the criteria of helping us celebrate. Bring on the donuts!

liz lemon 2 288x300 My DIY Sufganiyot Crawl

Liv Augusta Anderson is a preschool director, improv performer and instructor. You can find her Jewish puns and photos of her cats on twitter @livaugusta.