MUSIC REVIEW | Fast and faster with Blind Shake, Oozing Wound, Running and Weakwick at the Eagles Club 34


Punk rock at the Eagles Club 34 on October 25 is as close to the Minneapolis punk scene of the 1980s that I have seen well since the 1980s when shows used to happen in church basements, Chuck E Cheese restaurants and Oddfellow halls. And like the punk shows of the 1980s, there was a little bit of something for everyone who likes loud – punk, metal, kinda-noisy, garage, thrash…

I should emphasize that I attended the Blind Shake, Oozing Wound, Running and Weakwick show. Teen King and the Princes played the same venue Saturday night; they played in the ballroom. There was a dance and Halloween dress rehearsal. The crowd was a little older – as in Metro Mobility acted as the party bus bringing several revelers home (or maybe after party) when the band finished. Such a fun juxtaposition of crowds, which I have to say mingled more than you might think.

Back to the show in the North Hall … the show ended with the Blind Shake. It was fun to see them in a more alternative setting after seeing them recently at the Lowertown Line show at the Amsterdam and the Turf Club. They were tight as always although seemed somehow more relaxed. It’s fast garage punk – strings and drums; both played hard. They played older stuff (I’m Not an Animal) and music I didn’t know. But they theme of hard and fast until the end pushed every song. Every drummer should play at least one song with a maraca, just for folks who like to dance really fast.

Oozing Wound, from Chicago, was a lot more metal and a little thrashy. I really come to an event like this with a punk background, I’m more of a body swayer than a head banger but when you’re good, you’re good. They were a strong trio, heavy on bass, pounding drums and metal beat that does make you start nodding even if you fight every urge to head bang. I wish the vocals had been a little louder – but I think that’s often the case with a punk-metal-anything-loud live show.

Running was a fun surprise to me. I knew nothing about them before the show. They had an old school garage sound. Exactly what I like best. They came on and the night opened up a promise of dance. Well at least for me. Lots of cooler cats can just stand and listen to music like we heard on Saturday night. I can’t.

Opening the night was Weakwick. I could watch and listen to the drummer from Weakwick for a long time. He must walk of stage like some folks off a marathon run. It’s pretty amazing.

All in all, a great time. Four bands in two and a half hours. The Eagles Club serves everything from Summit to PBR. The people are super friendly. 

(Thanks to Adam Bubolz for photos.)