MUSIC PHOTOS | Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias make a scene at the Target Center


On August 1 at the Target Center, Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias put on a spectacle for their fans and created quite the fan experience for a few of them (see below for details).

Enrique’s set list:
“Tonight (I’m Loving You)”
“I Like How It Feels”
“Dirty Dancer”
“No Me Digas Que No”
“If You Think I’m Sexy”
“Stand By Me”
“Just Wanna Be With You”
“I Like It”
“Tonight (I’m Loving You) Reprise”

J. Lo’s set list:
“Get It Right”
“My Love Don’t Cost a Thing”
“I’m Into You”
“Waiting For Tonight”
“Goin’ In”
“I’m Real/All I Have/Ain’t It Funny/Jenny From the Block”
“Baby I Love You”
“Hold It, Don’t Drop It”
“If You Had My Love”
“Until It Beats No More”
“Let’s Get Loud”
“On The Floor”

“Dance Again”

Enrique Iglesias

Jennifer Lopez

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