MTN hosts Youth and Politics discussion


MTN hosted a live Youth & Politics panel discussion on Friday, October 26 from 7-8 pm.

The program was produced and hosted by teens at the Minneapolis Television Network.

The discussion was hosted by Nate Danforth, a teen who has been active in several MTN youth programs. The panel consisted of Joe Gantenbein, a student at South High and member of the MTN/Video VOICES class, Amy O’Connell and Max Hall, members of the National Youth Rights Association (NYRA), Minneapolis City Council Member Robert Lilligren, and Minnesota State Senator Kari Dziedzic.

The panel addressed issues such as barriers to youth participation in democracy, and what youth envision as the future of our political system. The show included a Question and Answer session with the studio audience, which was composed of both youth and adults.

MTN’s Youth Programs create strong youth leaders among the diverse communities of Minneapolis by fostering communication skills and providing opportunities for creative expression.

The show is one hour long. Part one is above, and here is part two: