Mr. Eastwood, the empty chair speaks back and wins


Conservatives can only debate empty chairs because when we talk back, they can not handle it.

Talking back, yeah!

Eastwood says, “This administration hasn’t done enough to cure that [unemployment].”

The empty chair says, “This administration, yeah, the Republican congress that BLOCKED every possible action to help unemployment because of their declared purpose to do anything to get Obama unelected.”

Eastwood says, “And now it may be time for someone else to solve the problem.”

The empty chair says, “Yep, it is time to a elect a super majority of Democrats to both houses of Congress. Then we will clean up your messes like we always have. We will clean them up even though that is much harder to clean them rather than making messes like the Republicans do.”

Eastwood says, “I thought why close Gitmo, we spent so much money on it”

The empty chair says, “Money, money is everything with guys. There are people, rights, justice and the constitution involved. Oh yeah, you all think that constitution is something that you should salute, not read.”

Eastwood says, “I thought that someone had the stupid idea of trying terrorists in downtown New York City.”

The empty chair says, “Yeah, that is the idea of due process, courts and justice. You are so afraid of your shadow that you can’t even face the people you accuse even when they are under guard and in shackles. They might even speak a little truth at you. So you have to speak to empty chairs.”

Eastwood says, Ramble, ramble “Iraq war” ramble, ramble “Russians” ramble “home tomorrow.”

The empty chair says, “Geepers, you can’t even get a complete sentence out when you are talking to an empty chair. Yeah, Obama is still cleaning up your messy wars. Of course, you have not been able to figure out why we just can’t quit and go home. You can’t figure out why it takes time and great effort to clean up any of your Republican messes. And you don’t want to hear it. That is why you talk to an empty chair.”

Eastwood says, “I never thought that it was good for attorneys to be president anyway. They are always taught to argue and weigh both sides.”

The empty chair says, “Yeah, the only argument that you can win is with an empty chair. Gosh that weigh-both-sides thing, that would almost be like that considering facts and logic thing. Better to talk to a silent chair. Oops, I am not silent, am I?”

Eastwood says, “Time for a businessman, a stellar businessman.”

The empty chair says, “A businessman would have provided real services and goods, whereas Romney just liquidated American businesses and shipped American jobs to places like China. He pocketed the money from the sale, getter richer. With that kind of president, none of us will have jobs.”

Eastwood says, “We own this country… It is not you owning it. The politicians are just employees of ours.”

The empty chair says, “Truer words were never spoke. The super rich 1% own this county. And they plan to spend, spend, spend on this election until they own every elected office. Again, the Republican party shows that it is only for the super rich 1%.”

Eastwood says, “When someone does not do the job we have to let them go… We don’t have to vote for who really don’t want.”

The empty chair goes, “Yeah, we can get rid of the Republican congressman, we can get rid that Republican supreme court and we can get rid of Republican ideas. Romney is way more unpopular than Obama, so when ‘we vote don’t have to vote for who really don’t want’, we will vote for Obama.”

There was a sense that this whole speech was rush written and rush prepared. They didn’t even take time to comb Eastwood’s hair so it didn’t stick up in weird ways looking like a clown. The audience had to finish Eastwood’s speech for him.

The empty chair was better prepared.

I am putting a copy of this note on an empty chair in front of my house. Even our empty chairs are going to talk back this year.