MPLSzine: A great way to get involved with the Twin Cities creative community


Hello, all. Today I thought I would change it up a bit and tell you about a local writing opportunity. The collaborative submissions based digital publication MPLSzine is now accepting submissions for their 13th issue, “Movement.” This is not a paid writing gig, but it is a great way to get your writing out to an audience, add something to your résumé, and contribute to a great local creative project.

I don’t often get to write self-deprecating humor pieces about Facebook espionage and opening Champagne bottles with one’s ass; my MPLSzine article was the closest I’ve come to feeling like David Sedaris, and that is a good thing. It was also the first time I ever e-mailed ten warped camera phone photos of my face to someone without any irony…it will also be the last time I do that. 

I like how open the MPLSzine editors are about the content they are seeking: pretty much anyone who makes anything that can be transferred to a digital format gets a chance to shine. The artistic and literary community needs more endeavors like this; local artists and writers coming together to create opportunities that anyone with a creative drive can participate in. Here’s more info on what they are seeking for this latest issue and what MPLSzine is all about.

Ideas for MOVEMENT

Write or draw something about moving to or away from Minneapolis. Road trips, train-hopping, movement as transportation: biking, sailing, skateboarding/longboarding, the light rail. Movement as exercise: running, yoga, zumba, working out at the gym. Movement for expression and fun: dance of all kinds.

Write about a social movement from Minneapolis’ past or present. Immigrating–tackle your own experience or interview someone about coming to Minneapolis from another country.

Look into the relocation of the Shubert Theatre in 1999, the heaviest building ever moved on rubber tires (according to the Cowles Center website). Interview someone from a moving company. Write about Yeti Records going mobile. Interview someone and/or take photos at a bike shop like the Grease Pit or Alley Cat.

Share your stuff

[…] We know YOU don’t take downtime—you’ve all got cool art projects, exhibits, events, publications, videos, bands, organizations, etc. that you work on all the time. So share them! 

We have a private group on Facebook that we use to enhance the MPLSzine community and keep you extra-informed. If you’re not part of it, let [us] know and we’ll get you in there.

When you’re promoting an event, a release, etc., feel free to post a link in that MPLSzine group on Facebook. We’ll monitor those and do our best to share them on our public page.

You can also use that private group to help develop projects. Feel free to use it to look for collaborators. Got a story in mind for a comic but need someone to draw it? Looking for volunteers to help with a photo or film shoot? Have an idea that needs work-shopping or want feedback on a work in progress? You can always post queries like that in the MPLSzine group, too. 

Send your submissions to and to learn more about MPLSzine’s submission guidelines, click here. Submissions are due by April 7.