Best of Neighborhood News 2/3: Mpls studies need for paid sick leave law


Minneapolis studies need for paid sick leave law

“Everybody gets sick, but not everyone can afford to get sick.”

Don’t miss this week’s Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder article by Charles Hallman about efforts to learn about the need for paid sick leave in Minneapolis. Read the full take here for stories about those most affected by this lack of legislation and those who are working to make this law happen.

The problem with skin bleaching

Where to begin? Salma Ali and Yusra Abdi at ThreeSixty wrote a piece about the causes and consequences of people of color, especially women of color, bleaching their skin. This insightful article is well worth the read. Here’s an excerpt from these writers:

…Some women buy 
skin-bleaching creams because they believe that the less melanin you have, the more beautiful you are. In many cases, by bleaching their skin, women are trying to make themselves more attractive to men or battling each other for the distinction of “Lightest of the Month.”

Catch the full article here!

Right to discriminate bill introduced in Minnesota House

This week the Column details the reality of continued efforts of some to discriminate against LGBTQIA people using legislation.

Check out what the bill calls for and who introduced it here.