Mpls. Police Chief Dolan and the CRA: Give the Chief a raise


Minneapolis Police Chief Dolan deserves a pay raise.
At the August 10, 2011, meeting of the Minneapolis City Council’s Public Safety, Civil Rights and Health Committee, the Minneapolis Civilian Review Authority (CRA) submitted its 2011 Second Quarter Report. On page 9 of that document appear some reasons given by Chief Dolan for not issuing discipline in CRA-sustained cases. One was “[d]isagreement with facts as determined by the CRA board.”
But the CRA ordinance says: “The chief’s disciplinary decision shall be based on the adjudicated facts as determined by the civilian review authority board.”
Without comment, the report was “Received and Filed.”
Like most speakers of English, I was confused. How could the Chief base his disciplinary decision both on the adjudicated facts and on his disagreement with those facts?
No one on the City Council committee — and as far as I know, no one on the entire City Council — has ever publicly asked that question. So I emailed the Chief, who, as advised by the City Attorney’s Office, sees no inconsistency between the ordinance and the reason he gave for not issuing discipline in this particular case.
I expect such absurdities from lawyers, but Chief Dolan deserves a raise. He has seen through what to us ordinary folks looks like a flagrant inconsistency. In fact, give him a substantial raise. He has bridged the yin and yang; he must have superhuman powers.