Moving to the beat: Memory Lanes Block Party


The heavy salsa beat from Malamanya could be heard a block away as I walked towards the Sunday night block party at Memory Lanes.

The music was intoxicating, filling the space in front of the stage with all sorts of people – people who had taken a spin on the salsa dance floor before, kids who couldn’t help but move to the beat, and even a few hipsters.

The block party is an annual two-day event, with a large line-up of bands that play into the night.

Lead singer Adriana Rimpel had a sound that was made for Afro-Cuban music. The Star Tribune’s description is apt – “sultry and soaring.”

Blue suede dancing shoes.

There were many families at the party with babies and kids.

The block party scene in the evening at Memory Lanes.

Memory Lanes & Flashback Cafe is located at 2520-26th Ave S, Minneapolis.