MSP International Film Festival 2013—MN Made Shorts. Craig Rice, CITY BOOTS Interview


MINNESOTA MADE Shorts –  Narrative Film Program concludes on TUESDAY, April 23 at 7 pm.

Craig Rice was hired to select, curate and moderate the Minnesota-made program this year at MSPIFF.  A  two part article about this creative and extraordinarily broadly talented Minnesotan written by Lu Lippold was in the Twin Cities Daily Planet,  at the beginning of this month. 

Before the weekend, I sat down and talked with the filmmaking team of the film CITY BOOTS Ryan Swan (editor) and Ryan Strandjord (writer/director).  From producing and participating in the 48 hour film festival, Z fest and others, these two have more recently committed themselves almost exclusively to filmmaking. They both emphasized the importance of participating in the networking opportunities found at festivals  Filmmaking is a collaborative effort and finding people you can work with is key, they both said. More recommendations for filmmakers in the video.

The line-up for Tuesday includes the following films:

(Filmmakers will be attending the screenings and be available for Q&A after the films have all been shown.)

MN-Made Short Narratives 3 


Filmmaker Lauren Minnerath  

A little girl invents an imaginary friend to cope with her mother’s illness.

City Boots

Filmmakers Ryan Swan (editor) and Ryan Strandjord (writer/director)

A lesson in taming a beast becomes a lesson in taming each other. 

School Night

Filmmaker Grant Swanson

Buddy and Kenny break into their high school in order to blow it up.

Golden Hour

Filmmakers Carrie Clark, Carrie Bush, Molly Katagiri

Jim is troubled by memory loss and is desperate to uncover his past. He relies on a book of prompts and post-it reminders to get him through simple daily tasks. Jim’s mind has become scrambled with film clips of his life, where he searches to uncover the fragmented memory of a lost love.  See a making of video here.

A panel on Sunday about “Cinematic Performances” included the lead actor in this movie – Charles Hubbell. Moderated by Barbara Shelton, Patrick Coyle, Erik Stolhanske, Greta Oglesby. All the panels, plus a number of short interviews with the filmmakers have been posted on youtube under MN Film Festival.  Staffer John Akre and his camera/editing assistant Beth Peloff have been documenting, in film, the filmmakers and others at the fest. 


Filmmaker stephen h

Narrative Short. A haunting love story told in a no-budget, photographic sequential art production that shows a love that never dies.

Al Milgrom, for those who might not know him, was interviewed in 2010 for the TCDP.