Twin Cities Council Healthcare Push

Print –Healthcare Reform

BY  Kirk Frauenheim

            At this time during the February legislative recess its time for progressives to re-energize the push for healthcare reform.  The fight is not over; the dust is about to clear from the setbacks to reform that occurred in late December and January.  However, if progressive minded individuals do not push our legislators to act, then those that support the status quo in our health care system may win the fight.  What can progressives do?  Come out and join Moveon and other groups, which will be meeting with Sen. Al Franken.       

                       Townhall Rally for Health Care Reform

                           with  Senator Al Franken

                       Minneapolis United Labor Center

                       312 Central Ave – Rm. 217-218

                       Minneapolis, MN 55414

                       Sunday, 21 Feb 2010, 1:00 PM


            We know Sen. Franken is a strong supporter of healthcare reform. Progressive need to justify his stance.  By showing up at these town hall forums he can legitimately claim to have a mandate for reform behind him.