El Norteno on Lake Street: Tasty fish tacos


I’ve previously blogged about having fish tacos in the neighborhood. On April 16, I decided to have a dinner out in the neighborhood. My wife had borrowed my car, but living in Cooper means many restaurants and cafes in easy walking distance. I decided to go to the easiest, El Norteno, at 40th and East Lake.

When I scanned the menu the thought came to me that, hey, this is Latin American food, what about fish tacos? In the taco section I found “pescado” which was pay dirt for me. When the lady brought me my chips and salsa, I ordered the tacos with hot tea. She brought me the tea. Actually two choices: tea or herbal infusion. I chose tea. I settled down to watch the couple with the baby across the aisle.

A few minutes later, the server showed up with my plate. It had what looked a lot like three tostadas. But when I picked one up, I discovered the tacos that looked like tostadas were actually very flexible and folded up to make a taco.

The contents were somewhat similar to what I got at Glaciers Cafe, but different in taste. The fish was crispy fried tilapia. And the vegetables included cilanto leaves. I’ve never thought of cilantro and fish together, but it worked so well now I’m going to be thinking cilantro for fish salad.

My conclusion is El Norteno makes fish tacos as good as Glaciers Cafe. Unlike Glaciers Cafe, they are on the menu every day. Now my plans are to sample the same at Sea Salt Eatery and El Nuevo Rodeo.