NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Monday Night at Pizza Biga


Why is it that when it’s cold…it is so nice to eat gooey, hot, tomato-y food? Is it because feeling warm somehow seduces me into thinking that I am not actively participating in living in this cold weather? And that instead of being somewhere on Chicago Ave. in this frozen world of snow banks that I’m out in some chic new pizza restaurant in LA enjoying some artisan creation from a wood fired stove? 

On a Monday night, O and I ventured to a pizza place he suggested we attend. “I don’t want you to call me boring,” he proclaims as I insisted he turn the heat up while we were driving to this neighborhood pizza joint on a “school night.” I was not amused as we pulled up and I realized there was no lot adjacent to the establishment and to top it off, the Minnesota Opera was doing its annual charity event at the Turtle Bread Company which was right next to our destination. The Lucky God was on our side because we scored rock star parking right on the corner. 

It was a quiet night. Other than the lady who brought in her soup and bread from Turtle Bread Company to eat at Pizza Biga, the place was quite empty. They couldn’t have any more people anyway because the MN Opera borrowed the chairs from Pizza Biga for their event at Turtle Bread. The menu was simple – salads and pizzas. A separate wine and beer menu. We ordered a large asparagus, beet and spring mix salad (I substituted feta for the goat cheese), the Hawaiian Pizza and a glass of wine. 

The food was good. Nothing to write home about, but $12.50 for a pizza was decent. The spring mix salad was fresh to the naked eye as I didn’t notice any wilted greens on my plate. I found the black chalk board up on the wall with the daily specials trite, but cute. Service was fast and friendly (being it was not busy) and I liked that afterwards you can walk right into the Turtle Bread without going outside because they are connected. I somehow found the will power to restrain from the chocolate chip cookie, but I advise against walking through if you are watching your waistline.

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