Mn/DOT Complete Streets Project


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A while back I received notification that they have a new list for their Complete Streets project.

About Complete Streets

Complete Streets create appropriate and safe transportation facilities for all those using the road including

* motorists

* transit users

* bicyclists

* pedestrians of all ages and abilities

* commercial vehicles

Mn/DOT and its partners are beginning a study to find out the benefits, cost and feasibility of establishing a complete streets policy in Minnesota.

The first step

Mn/DOT is hiring a consultant to gather information and feedback about what a Complete Streets policy would mean for Minnesota. A Complete Streets Study Committee and Technical Advisory Panel have been assembled.

What happens next

There will be a kick-off meeting in early 2009 followed by individual committee and panel work. The consultant will also research Complete Streets initiatives nationwide. Input from this Web site will be analyzed for inclusion in the final report.

The Web page will be updated as the study progresses.

The Commissioner will present the final report to the Legislature in December, 2009.

The Complete Streets page also includes examples of similar policies and studies in other cities and states, including California (surprise), Missoula, Louisville, and Seattle.

So if that sounds interesting to you, sign up for notifications (after you put your email in, it’ll let you select which Mn/DOT lists to sign up for).

See more about the complete streets concept at Twin Cities Streets for People.

Originally posted January 29, 2009