MN VIDEOS | Past present future


This video is about the history of how the Minneapolis American Indian community started and how it was formed by our Native Elders after relocation. You will also see some of the elders that actually witnessed what went on during that time, and there are pictures shown in the video to describe how the community used to look like and the way it looks now. You will see the ups and downs the Elders went through to start the community and make it better for our Native people, and to make it better for our future generations. The area that was focused on in this film was the South side of Minneapolis which was where most of the Native Americans settled and started various organizations that helped Native Americans be successful.

High school students produced both PSAs and videos as part of the Summer Media Institute at MIGIZI Communications, with high school students placed in summer jobs by the Step-Up program and AchieveMpls. For more information about the project, see Migizi’s Native Youth Futures: Jobs for Minneapolis teens seek to break cycle of poverty. The videos produced in this program include Past Present Future, Dakota War, and The Importance of Language: Keeping Our Mother Tongues.