Noche Hispana artists | Susana De León and Robert Everest


This video interview features Susana De Leon and the Ketzal Coatlicue Aztec dance group she leads in Minneapolis, and Robert Everest, a Minneapolis-based singer /songwriter /guitarist

KetzalCoatlicue (Precious mother earth) is a Kalpulli (learning community) of Indigenous people joined by the desire to learn, share and live the tradition of Aztec dance. KetzalCoatlicue is a woman lead group. We pursue our spiritual, mental, and physical vocation with music from the sacred drum, conch shells, seeds and other instruments gifted by the natural environment. A majority of our members are youth from south Minneapolis but participating members ages range from toddlers to elders.

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Host:  Paulino Brener,  educator/performer/social media manager

Robert Everest is a Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter/guitarist who has been thoroughly and joyfully exploring the music of the world for the last 20 years. Latin American music makes up the majority of his repertoire, but he also plays music from many European countries, singing in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Greek, German, and English.  To interpret his international repertoire, and give variety to his original compositions, Robert has become proficient on several stringed instruments from around the world, which he shares in many local performances.  Robert has been a featured performer at the Walker Art Center, the MIA, Orchestra Hall, the Dakota Jazz Club, and on several local television and radio stations, most notably in a performance alongside Chilean author Isabel Allende at the Fitzgerald Theatre for the MPR program ’Talking Volumes’.  International tour destinations include Paris, Florence, Madrid, Bern, Buenos Aires, Budapest, and Rio De Janeiro.

CORRECTION : We inadvertently embedded the wrong video, and an incomplete description . The correct video and description have now been substituted. Our apologies to EPC and Paulino Brener for the error.