MN VIDEOS | The importance of language: Keeping our mother tongues


Our video is focused around language revitalization. The video begins with interviews of students all stating that they do not know their native language or are trying to learn their native language. The video then goes forth into interviews and images of why native languages have died down and have reached critical conditions. The reasons include boarding schools and political and social discrimination. The video ends with language revitalization today and why knowing your native language is important.

High school students produced both PSAs and videos as part of the Summer Media Institute at MIGIZI Communications, with high school students placed in summer jobs by the Step-Up program and AchieveMpls. For more information about the project, see Migizi’s Native Youth Futures: Jobs for Minneapolis teens seek to break cycle of poverty. The videos produced in this program include Past Present Future, Dakota War, and The Importance of Language: Keeping Our Mother Tongues.