Mississippi Watershed Management Organization cuts ribbon on new headquarters


The new headquarters of the Mississippi River Management Organization (MWMO) is itself a demonstration of the river-friendly practices that the organization was established to encourage. The MWMO held an event on Saturday, October 26 to celebrate their new home, and to educate the public about water quality issues.

The event featured a ribbon cutting ceremony, tours of the new building, and water quality education activities conducted by the MWMO’s teen interns, the Mississippi River Green Team.

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization is one of about three dozen watershed organizations in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Its boundaries include the Mississippi River as it runs through Minneapolis, as well as the land that drains to the river. The MWMO contains portions of the cities of Lauderdale, Minneapolis, the City of Saint Anthony Village, Saint Paul, Fridley, Columbia Heights, and all of Hilltop. The final member of the MWMO is the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

The video was produced by John Akre of the Minneapolis Television Network.