Saundra McCoy: Minnesota Vikings fans stadium feelings


Last week while driving home from work on Interstate 35E, I noticed the progress of the new Vikings Stadium. Well at least the massive piles of steel that it will be built from. As reported by Craig Peters in his article, “New Vikings Stadium Nearly a Quarter Complete through Symphony of Work”, the new Vikings stadium is ahead of schedule and was 23 percent complete at the end of September. I am excited to know the stadium is set to open in July 2016.

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Controversy about whether or not there should be a new stadium, where it should be and who will pay has faded. I am curious to know how Twin Cities’ residents feel now about the new Minnesota Vikings stadium. Then I started asking Vikings fans in the Twin Cities what they thought about the new stadium. I was not surprised that many responses were related to the future of the stadium. The three most common emotions I discovered were excitement, concern and hope.

Some of us are excited for all the contributions the new Vikings stadium will make to Minneapolis. Brandon Smith, of Saint Paul, described the opening of the stadium as an historical event. He says,” Feels like being a part of history.”  Jason Crammer is excited because it gives the opportunity to host a super bowl in Minnesota. He also mentioned “It is going to be a great addition to the skyline.”

Cooper Johnson, a University of Minnesota Wildlife major, is concerned about the ongoing debate regarding the glass the stadium is installing. “It’s not bird safe.” He feels uncomfortable installing such a huge structure with the knowledge that birds have a hard time seeing the glass. “For only a million more, on top of the billions already paid, this issue could be resolved.”

Then there are those with hope. Hope that the new Minnesota Vikings stadium will bring a winning team. Lee McCoy, summarizes it well, “The new stadium should encourage the team to win. There are going to be high expectations from the team and I hope they prove they deserve the stadium.”

Twin Cities’ Vikings fans are anxiously waiting for the completion of the stadium. Which means something different and perhaps personal for each of us. Whether it is concern for wildlife or hope for new momentum for the team, it will become a part of beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota.