Minnesota Green Jobs National Day of Action


by Dan Thiede • Metro CERTS • On Saturday, September 27th a fired-up crowd gathered at the Minneapolis Urban League to help create a new clean, green, inclusive economy.

Karen Monahan, a staff member at Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota (EJAM), shares her thoughts after the event: “Wow, Minnesota is ready for green jobs! We had over one hundred folks from all around the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs come together and show solidarity for the Green Jobs National day of Action…

“Over 75 folks designed their own mini version of a green jobs bill. We have expressed to our elected officials the need for some sort of bill that is co-authored with the community and we are hoping this information is the beginning of that process…

“The community who gathered at this event was extremely diverse. We had folks from the Native American, African American, Asian, Iranian, Caucasian and Latino community. We had small children, college students, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. We had folks from economically better off suburbs, to the heart of the inner cities. This is what I call inclusive!…”

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