FREE SPEECH ZONE | Minnesota Governor Race Re-Count- Another Perspective


Well the ironies in this discussion are endless.

First, Mark Dayton as a Senator stated “Those who talk of
Election Fraud, while well meaning are seriously misguided.”

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He had been the very next Senator to speak on this after
Senator Barbara Boxer had called for a public investigation
into the very real and serious issue of election fraud and voter
suppression that happened in Ohio and elsewhere in 2004.

I know because I was there in Ohio as an Official Observer on
behalf of the Libertarian and Green Parties. I watched as Mark
Dayton said this. My heart sank.

In this election, the right did a half hearted attempt of voter
suppression with their scary adds of Felons going to prison.

There was threats of hundreds of Election Integrity “watching”
for “illegal activity.” In response there was another group set up
called Election Protection. It would appear that the threatened
“hundreds” of Election Integrity activists never materialized.

It would appear that the right are “all sound and fury, signifying

The closest I came to see this was a Republican Lawyer who showed
up at the Brian Coyle Community Center. Where all those “dark
skinned, funny talking Somali folks” go to cast their ballot.

We had a delightful discussion on real voter fraud and racist,
bigoted idiots who perpetuate it. He “laughed” but for some
funny reason did not seem really amused.

Back to Mark Dayton though. What an irony. The former Senator who
would not take a stand on election fraud and the IMHO the deliberate
suppression of voters right to cast their ballot, in direct violation
of the 1965 Voters Rights Act is now facing a Re-Count. From a
bitter, angry group of right wing fruit loops who have the gall
to speak of Voter Fraud.

The ironies of this hurt my head on so many levels.

So when I see a right wing fruit loops prattle on inanely
about Voter Fraud, well I just chuckle.

The really funny thing is, the right wing nut jobs and the weally weally
pwogwessive folks all seem to, well say nothing when this aspect is
brought up.

Almost like while both parties argue in public, in Kabuki Theatre
style, they actually get along quite well in private and behind smoke
filled rooms.

George Carlin said it well in his “comedy bit” The Real Owners.

“Forget the politicians, they are there to think you have a choice.
You don’t. You have owners. They OWN YOU. It’s a Big Club folks and we
Ain’t in it.”

Are we ready for a democracy movement yet?

Michael Cavlan RN