Minnesota Fringe Festival Day 2: Reviews on Damn You Auto Caress, Perchance to Dream, Taiko Blast, and Macbeth: Video Game Remix


Another round of shows seen on August 5th.  This time I saw four and today I hope to make a record of at least 7 or 8 shows today. So without further delay I shall bring you what you have been waiting for, my opinion.

1.      Damn You Auto Caress: by Young Artists Council of Youth Performance Company

This show is about a group of people who have had their lives affected dramatically by the auto correct that is on smart phones that change words in text messages. Most of the stories were inspired by the postings from the site DamnYouAutoCorrect.com. I at first thought it would be just a group of their favorite postings acted out, but I was pleasantly surprised at how professional it was. It was original, and even innovative with how they cut between stories with acting out the various texts from the site. It was hilarious, and the songs that they had were just fun to listen to. My favorite song is Damn You Steve Jobs, the opening song which really set the high energy of the play. I suggest anyone and everyone see it.

2.      Perchance to Dream: by MN Waldorf School-Class of 2012

It was an interesting concept which I thought company executed perfectly. A young Shakespeare having a night of dreams filled with excerpts from his various plays. I was impressed with how this group of young actors handled the language that Shakespeare brings to the audience. My favorite scene in the show was the scene between Helena and Demetrious from Midsummer’s Night Dream. Those two actors really had a great chemistry with each other, and that really stood out to me. Overall the show is a great for families to see, because it really gives you a taste from all of Shakespeare’s best shows.

3.      Taiko Blast: by Mu Performing Arts

This has to be the most fun filled show I have seen so far. From beginning to end the show it a non-stop drum filled entertainment that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was fun to watch how the musicians interacted with each other. The motions of their bodies so in sync with each other it was if they were all one drum filled force not to be reckoned with. It was a beautiful performance to watch and the audience interaction was a real delight. This is a must see show.

4.      Macbeth: The Video Game Remix

With all the various Shakespeare adaptations that are out there I have to say that this was a really creative one to see. I being into video games really appreciated the humor that the show had. The three witches I have to say were my favorite characters because the three of them together and interacting with each other and the other characters was really fun to watch. A must see show in the Fringe Festival, especially for those who have a lot of experience with role playing video games.

So, that is what I have seen so far in the Fringe. I shall post more tomorrow during the day.

Happy Fringing!