THEATER REVIEWS | Minnesota Fringe Festival 2012: Day four


Matthew Everett says that Present State Movement’s Sin Eater and Dovetail Theatre’s Rip are two of the three must-sees of the Fringe this year. Mumble Mumble Productions’ Evil Dicks comes with a little less than enthusiastic recommendation (but a recommendation nonetheless).

Wendy Gennula recommends blank slate theatre’s Annalyzing the Bully and The Complete Works of William Shatner (abridged). Read Wendy’s reviews of Answered Prayers, A Comedy of Edits, and Silence, a Deaf Musical. For something cute and light, see Pop-Up Musical.

Kate Hoff loved Accidental Hero, Mary Mack’s Anti One-Woman show, Ivory Tower Burning, and The Love Show.

Matthew Everett’s mom got into the sold-out TROY! The Musical and loved it (As told to Matthew Everett).

Director Tyler Olsen gives some background on his show, Twist of Fate.

Jay Gabler can’t see as many shows as he’d like this year since he’s starring in his own (Ivory Tower Burning), but he lists that ones he would see.