Saundra McCoy: Minnesota cold


It is apparent that Twin Cities residents have taken into account the recent temperature change. It was only two weeks ago when high temperatures were in the 60s, and now with the arrival of Halloween we are witnessing temperatures in the 30s. We wait anxiously for the first snow to fall, which past history warns us can be any minute now. There are those who don’t mind the snow, but that is hard to say about the cold. Although, Minnesotans are accustom to it, we still prepare. After last year’s blistering cold temperatures in the negatives resulting in school closings, what are we doing to prepare this year?

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I am not the only one preparing for the cold that lurks within the upcoming months. I asked several Twin Cities residents what they are doing to prepare for the “Minnesota Cold?” The responses, informative and quick, provide some good suggestions to those who have not yet acknowledged the following season.  

A North Minneapolis father of five named Anthony Matchette responded emphasizing his children. “I buy all my kids proper clothing that fits.” When asked what he considered proper clothing, he replied “Each year I buy all my children new winter coats, boots, hats and gloves, long-sleeved shirts and snow pants.”

A Metro Transit bus rider named Chris Rundles stood at the bus stop with his winter jacket on already. “You have to have layers.” When asked to elaborate, “Two hats, two gloves, two sweat shirts, and pajama pants under my jeans.”

Casey Wagner, a Saint Paul resident and Union glazier working outside daily, almost cringed when I asked the question. “Don’t remind me.”  His unenthusiastic answer, “Insulated clothing and hand warmers.”

A Little Canada home owner named Carl Gerke, gave me a list of tasks to prepare. His home maintenance includes, “Landscape trimming and mulch, lawn feed, wash windows, vacuum exterior and interior vents, clean HVAC system, furnace, and water heater maintenance. Also, prepared is his car. “Check tires, oil changes, wheel alignment, battery check, cold weather safety kit, change washer fluid and wipers, jumper cables, key lock de-over, car cell phone and flashlight.”

I personally prepare each year by taking my heated blanket out of storage. However you prepare for Minnesota Cold, make sure you’re covering the basics. Be certain you, your family, home and car are all prepared for this upcoming winter.