Minnesota bloggers get together


There are so many wonderful Minnesota blogs. I think we could probably take over the world if we worked at it; after all Minnesota is the brain state.

There are some upcoming events in the Twin Cities just for bloggers or for people who are interested in blogging. On September 11th, the first-ever Minnesota Bloggers conference will be held at CoCo in downtown St. Paul. I am excited about this one. If you have never been to CoCo, it is a co-working collaborative which means people without offices can office there, or people like me who have a home office and a small office can spend the day co-working or collaborating with others. The building is downtown on 4th street and is a beautiful loft-style space with excellent coffee and strong wireless Internet. What could be better?  

The other event is a WordCamp which will be held on November 13th at the Eagan Community Center.  WordCamps are about WordPress which is a blogging platform and they are about blogging. I went to the Chicago WordCamp this spring and it was an amazing event, and I got this nifty T-shirt that says “My blog can beat up your blog.” 

It was two days packed with technical and non-technical sessions.  I came away with pages and pages of notes. I know this isn’t a WordPress blog, but I have a self-hosted WordPress blog, StPaulPhotos.com,and I have a web site that I made using the WordPress platform.  I am a bit of a closet geek; before I became a Realtor I worked in the technology sector. 


We have some other cool things going on in the Twin Cities like the Social Media breakfast every six weeks or so and twice a year there is the UnSummit. The Twin Cities area has some smart and talented people. These events are all generally free of charge, as they are paid for by sponsors. 

We use a lot of technology and social media in real estate these days, as buyers look for homes on the Internet and sellers use it to look for Realtors. Marketing has really changed in the last few years. The days of in-your-face marketing are over. Today we are more relationship oriented. I don’t agree with most of my peers on the future of brands, at least not when it comes to services like selling real estate.

I will be speaking at both the bloggers conference and the WordCamp and will have more details about that in a future post. This blog is now close to five years old. It has been a journey. I have met many along the way and learned a thing or two . . mostly the hard way. 🙂