Minnesota-based Kofa Foundation supports Ebola survivors


The recent news that a patient at a Dallas hospital has the Ebola virus has caused a stir in the United States. But for many Americans, Ebola has already hit very close to home.

Decontee Kofa Sawyer of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, lost her husband to the disease. Patrick Sawyer was working as a diplomat in Liberia. He collapsed after getting off a plane in Lagos, Nigeria, where he was scheduled to attend a conference before returning to Minnesota to celebrate two of his three daughters’ birthdays.

KFAI’s Julie Censullo spoke with Sawyer about the loss of her husband, who is the only American to have died of Ebola so far. Sawyer said as a mother working full time, she had not given the Ebola crisis much of her attention.

But that all changed in an instant. [Audio below]