Minneapolis traffic signals slated for retiming


Two years ago the Minneapolis Department of Public Works set out to cut commuter delays and reduce fuel consumption by improving the timing of traffic signals throughout the city.

The project is now in it’s second phase, and starting on October 21st, crews will begin work on the traffic signals in Longfellow and Seward. “As they are implementing the new signal timing plans drivers will experience noticeable pattern changes,” explained Heidi Ritchie, aide to Gary Schiff, in an email. “One of the most noticeable changes will likely be the operation of left turn arrows. The left turn arrows at many signals will run at different times of the day and the sequence as to when the driver sees a left turn arrow come up in a cycle may also change.”

The city-wide project will replace 141 obsolete traffic signals controllers and cabinets, 72 of which are located in South Minneapolis.

Issues with the traffic signals can be reported to 311 or to Nick VanGunst at 612-673-2172. Learn more about the traffic signal project.

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